April 21st

Its been a great day at the garden center…. The first load of veggies and annuals came in thursday and because of the weather we had to cover them… No more cold weather so we uncovered them and put them out for sale… Gorgeouse !!! Brought some of our home grown hanging baskets out also… The retail house is a blaze of color. Its too early to plant them outside yet but you can make up your patio pots now and just move them in if it gets too cold… A little bit of work but the pots will be full come may. Laurals, nandinas, and roses continue to look bad…. I have seen new buds on many laurals and new shoots on roses ( down low )… We still need some warm weather to see how these plants will fare… I’ve had some people tell me that our inventory feature on the website is helpful…. All sizes and prices of in stock plants are listed… I would welcome your feedback… Well, back to work…. I’ll write again soon… promise !!!!

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