Still almost Spring

Easter has come and gone… but the weather is very iffy… Looks like some real cold nights coming up late this week…. Plants just dont know what to do. Just received 2 truckloads of nursery stock… One from northern ohio and one from oregon… We will have to protect some of the tender material from oregon… BUT… we have frost blankets to cover them with.. Another load from Connecticut comes tomorrow and then another load from Oregon later in the week.. Beautiful material… some of the nicest I’ve seen for awhile. Some plants continue to look bad from the winter… Just looked at a job we did 2 years ago… She has 37 Knock Out Roses…. All killed back to within a foot of the ground…. New growth is starting but we need some warm weather to push that along… I do believe if we can be patient that they will come back…. Time will tell. On the other hand our greenhouse crops are looking tremendous…. Hanging baskets and 4.5 inch annuals are starting to bloom… Sweet potatoes are growing like crazy… All of those have to wait for warmer weather to be put outside. Thats all I know now….. Good weather is coming…. Just cant get here soon enough for me.

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