19 days til Spring

March 1st…ALREADY.   Its been a long dreary winter.. We’ve had cold ,snow, hot, rainy weather… sometimes min the same day… I’ll be glad when Spring arrives  OR the weather gets back to normal.

Crews will be starting back next week   and after pesticide  and safety training  will be ready to work.   Spring cleanups of existing landscapes is the first order of business… Every Spring  existing landscapes need attention.. Fertilizing, weed control, light trimming  and remulching will make that landscape look new again.


Some evergreens are looking burnt  from the cold weather in January…. We like to wait until may to even think about replacing them… Many will loose those leaves and regenerate new ones…  no sense going to the expense of replacing one when it will come back as good as new. Fertilize  the “sickies ” and let nature take its course.

Our next big event is our Spring Auction.. March 17th…     Last year we had 150 lots of plants  and people got some really great bargains…. Its always a fun time…


Right now we are still open 8-4 monday thru friday… but in a couple of weeks  we will start being open weekends and   evenings.


UPDATE.. our seed sweet potatoes are sprouting !!     This is the first year for us of growing them….   We’ll  put them in 4 pots  so people can plant them in May.     Hanging baskets are planted….  we are growing about a 1000 this year… Its good to see the greenhouses filling up.


Its also time to start thinking about any landscape projects that  you want done…. This weekend, walk around the yard and  see what needs to be done…  CALL US…. Our designers  are anxious to  get back to work.

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