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Now its TOO hot…. haha… We just cant be satisfied…  This weekend is the traditional start of summer… What happened to Spring ????      We are stilled heavily stocked with Annuals and vegetables….    The sunshine impatiens  and the  Geraniums  are fantastic looking….   The fuchsia  hanging baskets are finally showing lots of color… They […]

Post mothers day report…

What a fantastic mothers day…. Weather cooperated and people  responded… Flowers  and gifts for mom and  veggies and annuals for the garden….. People seemed to love out Hanging baskets….  The only complaint I heard was that we had way to many pretty ones and that it was hard to choose.      The mixed baskets […]

Getting closer to the magical ” last freeze date “

Its MAY… hurrah… and it  looks like the weather has  turned around….  Full moon was last week and that traditionally is the coldest nights… The forecast for the next 2 weeks looks great…. And then  we should be  past  May 10th…  which I have always used as the last freeze day.   Some of our […]

April 21st

Its been a great day at the garden center…. The first load of veggies and annuals came in thursday and because of the weather we had to cover them… No more cold weather so we uncovered them and put them out for sale… Gorgeouse !!! Brought some of our home grown hanging baskets out also… […]

Still almost Spring

Easter has come and gone… but the weather is very iffy… Looks like some real cold nights coming up late this week…. Plants just dont know what to do. Just received 2 truckloads of nursery stock… One from northern ohio and one from oregon… We will have to protect some of the tender material from […]

SPRING…. officially

By the calendar its officially Spring  but waking up to snow is  kinda depressing.   The weather also messed up our annual Spring Auction… It was held last saturday   and the forecast scared people away…..    For the few hardy souls that came they got some tremendous deals…. Plants went cheap…..    Like a $60 […]


Only 10 more days til spring but  you wouldn’t know it by the weather… Brrrr. Crews are out working but its hard in the snow…..   Daffodils and tulips are popping up so thats a good sign…   This is the last saturday we will be closed… Starting Spring hours  next week…..  Our Auction is next […]

19 days til Spring

March 1st…ALREADY.   Its been a long dreary winter.. We’ve had cold ,snow, hot, rainy weather… sometimes min the same day… I’ll be glad when Spring arrives  OR the weather gets back to normal. Crews will be starting back next week   and after pesticide  and safety training  will be ready to work.   Spring cleanups of existing […]

Waiting For Spring

40 some days till spring, HURRAH! We have been busy this winter and have just about completed our winter projects. The biggest winter project was building a new growing greenhouse! This greenhouse will be used to grow hanging baskets and annuals. It took us 4 months of trying to get the permits…us being in the […]

It’s back to work.

Everyone returned today and we are getting ready….. Sunny and 70…… spring is here.. Nice selection of spring bulbs are in bloom making the store very ” springy “.. We will be pulling the auction material on thurs and Friday…. Looks like it might be a good weekend … hurrah ! Another load of trees […]

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