Post mothers day report…

What a fantastic mothers day…. Weather cooperated and people  responded… Flowers  and gifts for mom and  veggies and annuals for the garden….. People seemed to love out Hanging baskets….  The only complaint I heard was that we had way to many pretty ones and that it was hard to choose.      The mixed baskets of different colors and varieties were the most popular….   We still have lots of gorgeous baskets left and our crop of geraniums are the best we’ve ever grown.


Saw my first saw fly larva on mugho pine this week…. They look like catapillaers and are eating the old growth…. Easy to control  but tough to see them.    Also just had a lady that sent photos or ” eggs ” on spirea…. Turns out to be aphids  that suck the juices  out of the plant….  She noticed ants  all over the plant first… The ants eat the excretion from the aphids….   Again… easy to control….


It seems that  this warm weather is helping the winter damaged plants recover… I have seen lots of new growth on nandina, laurels   and azaleas… In another week or so you should  determine if you should replace it or not….  I’m excited….  Earlier  I thought  that we had lost many of these.


Our floating hyacinths and lettuce  finally arrived…. Its time to put them in the pond to help shade it so that you dont have so much algae….


Ive seen some hail damage on plants….  This weather hasnt been  too cooperative this year…. Mostly damaged were annuals  but I havent seen any destroyed… Lots of torn leave and holes… They shuld come back


Back to work….. I’ll keep you informed of things that I’m seeing.


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