Getting closer to the magical ” last freeze date “

Its MAY… hurrah… and it  looks like the weather has  turned around….  Full moon was last week and that traditionally is the coldest nights… The forecast for the next 2 weeks looks great…. And then  we should be  past  May 10th…  which I have always used as the last freeze day.


Some of our tender shrubs received a little frost damage despite our best efforts to cover and apply water  to them…  Mostly its superficial damage and they will outgrow the damage… If this happened to you just let them be and then after they start to grow just cut off the damaged stems.


The laurels have started to look better…  Still brown on top the new growth is starting from the stems…  I’m confident they will come back…  On the other hand the nandinas and the crape myrtle still look bad…  We just need more warm weather to see how they do… In the past they have recovered…. BUT….


Mothers day is  10 days away…. Our hanging baskets are looking great,,, They are some of the nicest we’ve  ever grown….    The combination baskets are exceptionally nice….  They are mixtures of different colors and plants… We’ve been posting some photos on facebook.    Big pots of geraniums and impatiens are  impressive…  41/2″ pots of geraniums  are showing color and the wave petunias are going crazy….      Chef Jeff veggies have arrived… We dont grow these but have  brought them in from Michigan…. People have had great results with these.     REALLY… all the annuals are showing so much color….. and NOW is the time to start planting.


SO, everything is looking better now that the sun is shining…..


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